April 07, 2017

The Bugabuyboo

The Bugabuyboo lives under that stairs.
He wears one pink sock and green underwear.
His mouth is quite small; his ears are quite big
And his nose is all squashy like that on a pig.

If you want to make friends, then I would advise
You leave him a gift of ten dead houseflies.
Wrap them in paper, tie it up with a bow.
Then he may could out to tell you "hello"

September 27, 2016

All The Hats I Wore Today

Mermaid, scientist, collector of bones
Pop-star, cyclist and thrower of stones

Mommy, naughty dog, wearer of high-heel shoes
Baker, tea-shop boss and detective following clues

September 15, 2016

Why can't every day be Saturday?

Jump out of bed- there's lots to do.
Climb a tree, kick a ball, play a song on my kazoo.
I've got games to play and friends to meet.
I'll hop on my bike and cycle down the street.
Snacks for lunch and snacks for tea.
I can't stop to sit - there's too much to see.
When school starts again on Monday morn,
I've drag myself there with a face forlorn.
But now it's the week-end: a chance for FUN!
So dash out of bed to hop, skip and run!

June 14, 2016

Being the Littlest

My sister has her own flute
My brother has his guitar
But I don't have an instrument
My education's not gone that far

My sister talks to her friends on the phone
My brother thru games online
But I don't do either of these
I don't have a device that is mine

My Dad says "one day when you're older"
My Mum says I just have to wait
But being the littlest is ever so hard
It's a cruel trick played on my by Fate

May 11, 2016

Timothy Twopence

The terrible trouble with Timothy Twopence is that he cannot tie his shoes.

If you ask him why he will let out a sigh and confess that this is true.

He'll blame a Knight of hook and claw - the dark lord VELA CROW

And languish loudly that laces looped is a joy he'll never know.